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Has anyone use tenvis ip camera as baby monitor?

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Has any one use tenvis ip cameras as baby monitor? I bought one from amazon, and it looks nice and works with my iPhone. Now my little baby is coming, I need a baby monitor, and the tenvis camera may be useful. Can you provide me some instructions? thanks

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whats a good wallet friendly baby monitor camera and sound that can be viewed from phone threw wifi?


I want to be able to view threw phone and still have a monitor at home with little or no monthly fees to view online is there such a system?

You can check Foscam ip/network cameras. It works over wifi (wireless) or with cable to your internet connection router. It costs around 80 dollars I think... Some models have 2 way voice, too... With night vision and everything... You can even change the camera direction remotely from your phone or computer... It's not easy to setup initially (the user manual was horrible when I bought it 6 months ago), but once it's done - no problems... I have 2 of them at home.

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